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As Californians, we know how dangerous wildfires can be. Luckily, there are steps we can take to prepare ourselves for wildfires. This month we celebrate Wildfire Awareness Month. Let’s treat this month as chance to learn how to keep ourselves, our families, and our homes safe in the event of a wildfire. As climate change causes more frequent and intense wildfires, it’s important to know how to prepare.

Wildfires can be extremely stressful, especially for older adults and those with disabilities. Reduce some of that stress by taking the following steps to prepare yourself for a wildfire:

  • Pack a Go Bag: include essential items for you, family members, and pets, such as important documents, medication, a phone charger, food (including pet food) and water
  • Learn about the different evacuation routes in your neighborhood
  • Ask for help from friends or neighbors if you’re someone who might need extra help in an emergency
  • Make a plan with those in your household about what you’ll do if there’s an emergency and plan a safe place to meet
  • Sign up for local emergency alerts at org. You can sign up to receive alerts about emergencies and earthquakes
  • Prepare your home to reduce the threat a wildfire will pose. Click here to learn more about how to prepare your home

Click here for additional resources about wildfire preparedness in Contra Costa County, including resources in Spanish and tips for seniors and people with disabilities.