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Our clients inspire and motivate us every day.

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We deeply appreciate the clients who share their time and stories with us.  We work every day to make sure that seniors are housed, safe from financial and physical harm, and free from debt.  We also provide Advance Health Care Directives and Durable Power of Attorneys for clients, which help them to plan for a secure and conflict-free future.

*Names have been changed to protect client privacy.

Joe: Generosity Gone Wrong

Joe, 86, is a generous senior who is loved by his family and community.  When a distant relative, “Dave,” needed a place to stay, he let him move in.  Later, he let “Sheila,” a woman who he knew from the community, stay with him as well.  Dave and Sheila began dating, and soon started yelling at and intimidating Joe.  When Joe asked Sheila to leave, she stood over him and screamed at him.  Dave cornered him and told him that if Sheila hurt herself, it would be Joe’s fault.  Joe felt unsafe in his home.  He tried to evict both of them, but struggled with the complexities of the legal system.  He reached out to CCSLS, which helped him obtain elder abuse restraining orders against both of them.  CCSLS also connected him with a volunteer attorney who helped him to finish up the Unlawful Detainer action.  Finally, Dave and Sheila moved out, and Joe was able to live in peace.

Carol: Finally Able to Breathe

Carol was living with her two daughters, one of whom was seriously mentally ill.  Her daughter would yell at her and force her to stay in her room all the time.  Once, she flew into a rage and attacked Carol, dumping a pile of clothes hangers and other objects over her head.  Carol came to CCSLS for help, and we helped her file for an elder abuse restraining order.  CCSLS represented Carol in court in her request for a renewal of the order, which was granted.  Carol, now protected from her daughter’s rage, can finally can relax in her home.

Amir: Overcoming Consequences of Stolen Identity

Amir was a victim of identity theft.  His son had used his personal information to take out a loan for $30,000 in his name.  The bank refused to believe his explanation for the loan, and filed a collections lawsuit against him.  Amir sought out our services, and we agreed to defend him.  Because of our advocacy, the bank agreed to dismiss the case.

Betty: Collaborating to Avoid Homelessness

Betty is a senior with mental health disabilities and cognitive impairment.  Faced with eviction due to a hoarding problem and one of the worst roach infestations anyone involved had ever seen, she reached out to us.  Recognizing that Betty needed wraparound services, we brought her case to the Multi-Disciplinary Team meeting to get services and help from several agencies.  We partnered with Adult Protective Services, which agreed to fund the cleanup and prep for pest treatment and to house the client in a hotel for four days during the work.  This allowed us to negotiate a settlement of the unlawful detainer lawsuit, preventing eviction of this vulnerable senior.

Thomas: From Fighting for Our Country to Fighting Eviction

Thomas is a veteran with substantial physical disabilities, who is largely homebound.  He was living in low-income housing that was only barely livable.  Thomas contacted us when he was served with an eviction notice.  CCSLS helped him to make a reasonable accommodation request based on his disability so he could have more time to find a new place.   We also helped him to retain his Section 8 voucher.  In the end, Thomas found a new place to live and the eviction was dismissed.

Jane: Creating Critical Documents at Her Bedside

Jane is a 97-year-old woman living in an assisted living facility.  She is unable to get out of bed, but still wanted to create a Durable Power of Attorney and an Advance Health Care Directive.  An attorney from CCSLS went to her bedside to create the documents on two different days, as it was too taxing to complete both in the same day.  Our attorney sent all of the copies of the documents to the appropriate people, since Jane was unable to do so herself.  She now has these important documents in place and sent to the people who need them.

Quotes from Clients

I am really glad that the people of CCSLS are helping those that need your services. Thank you.

I know beyond a shadow of a doubt, as surely as I know I need oxygen, that everything possible was done to help us. God bless you all.

The attorney explained all my rights… her [knowledge], support, listening skills, empathy and quick response helped my situation. She helped me prepare and focus on the important points when I needed it.

[The attorney] gave me a lot of information that I didn’t know existed to help me make my life better. I’m so grateful I found you.

[The restraining order assistance] had a tremendous effect on my life. It gave me my life back.

The attorneys were very knowledgeable and kind.  They explained every detail.

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