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  • Matthew Hulse
    Matthew Hulse

    Matthew Hulse is our new Executive Director, and brings years of non-profit experience and a passion for our mission to his new role. He loves meeting people and collaborating, so reach out by email!

  • Victoria Snyder
    Victoria Snyder

    Supervising Attorney who is a passionate, experienced advocate for tenants. She also provides services relating to prevention of elder abuse and accommodations for persons with disabilities.

  • Gina McCauley
    Gina McCauley

    Office manager and administrator.  Gina oversees all aspects of client intakes, data management, and coordination of delivery of legal services.  She also assists with financial administration and supervision of administrative staff.

  • Christina Nickle
    Christina Nickle

    Administrative assistant who is responsible for taking client calls, conducting intakes, and executing a wide range of administrative tasks.

  • Susanne Revutsky
    Susanne Revutsky

    Director of Development and Special Projects who uses her experience in philanthropy and nonprofits to help CCSLS increase and diversify its funding, and contributes to projects that strengthen the organization overall.

  • Katie Kelly
    Katie Kelly

    Outreach Coordinator and Grants Manager who provides support to CCSLS programs.

  • Emily Milstein
    Emily Milstein

    Attorney focusing on elder abuse cases as well as awareness & prevention training. She’s also managing several of our “Consult an Attorney” clinics.

  • Lisa Landry
    Lisa Landry

    Intake Specialist who wrangles client calls and handles inquiries to and from various partner agencies.

  • Lenore Soto
    Lenore Soto

    Intake Specialist who handles all kinds of clients’ inquiries and refers folks to appropriate services as needed. She also tackles various administrative projects for the office.

  • Robin Courtney
    Robin Courtney

    Staff Attorney who focuses primarily on housing cases.

  • Phyl van Ammers
    Phyl van Ammers

    Staff Attorney who focuses primarily on housing cases.