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Everything You Need to Know About Advance Health Care Directives

What Is an Advance Health Care Directive?

• It is a legal document that allows you to appoint an agent to make health care decisions for you if you are unable to speak for yourself;

• It also allows you to specify the medical treatment you want (and do not want) to guide your agent and health care providers in the future.

• You may designate post-mortem decisions, such as donation of body parts or whether you would like to be buried or not.

Why is an Advance Health Care Directive important?

• It gives you the ability to take control of your health care and determine who will speak for you.

• It gives loved ones the ability to care for you if you become incapacitated.

• It may diminish the need for a conservatorship, an expensive and cumbersome legal process in which a court appoints a legal representative to handle your financial and personal affairs.

How does an Advance Health Care Directive work?

• It only becomes effective if you are unable to speak for yourself (unless you decide to make it effective immediately).

• You do not have to complete both parts of the directive. If you do not have someone to appoint as an agent, you can still make your health care decisions. Similarly, if you do not want to specify any health care directives, you can still appoint a trusted person to be your agent.

• You can designate an alternate agent in case your first agent is unavailable or unwilling to act.

• You can revoke and create a new AHCD at any time so long as you are mentally competent.

• AHCDs do not expire, but you should review them periodically and create a new one if your health care choices change or you decide that you want to change your agent.

Questions to ask yourself when appointing an agent….

• Is this someone who knows you well and understands you?

• Will this individual be willing to speak on your behalf?

• Would this person be able to act on your wishes and not his/her own?

• Will this individual be available long into the future?

• Will this person be a strong advocate for you?

Planning now can make your life—and the lives of those who love you—better.

• Incapacity can happen gradually, as when we near the end of life, or suddenly as when we suffer from a stroke or other health crisis. If not planned for, incapacity can create a myriad of problems. Taking action while you can make sound decisions will help you and your loved ones manage your care in the future.

~ Do you have an Advance Health Care Directive?

~ Does someone you love age 60+ need an Advance Health Care Directive?

Contact our office at tel: 9256097900 to help you set up an AHCD.

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Virtual Info Session Home Repair and Home Match In The East Bay

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To learn more about Covia’s Home Match program and Habitat for Humanity East Bay/ Silicon Valley’s Home Preservation attend a virtual information session on June 23rd at 11 AM. Click here to sign up. The Home Matching program offers a way for community members to use a home-sharing service. Habitat for Humanity can help with upgrades and repairs for homeowners. Habitat for Humanity has Repair Service Grants and Payment-Free Loans. More information will be available at the virtual information session about both services. For more information contact (925) 956-7385 or

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Travel in the Age of COVID-19

Spring is here and Memorial Day weekend is approaching. Now that many of us are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, this change in season has sparked in us a desire to travel. This urge to travel however prompts the inevitable question: how safe is travel right now?

How safe travel is of course depends on a number of factors, including your destination, mode of travel, and your health and vaccination status. We’re here to provide answers to some of your questions regarding travel and to share some resources to help you plan a trip that will be safer for you and your loved ones. (more…)

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Contra Costa Senior Legal Services Celebrates Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month. This month we celebrate Asians and Pacific Islanders in the United States. This special month originated with the United States Congress in 1977 as a ten-day celebration and in 1992 became a month-long commemoration. In inaugurating this month as one to celebrate, the Congress recognized that persons of Asian and Pacific Islander descent are important members of our community whose contributions must be recognized and valued. (more…)

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Emergency Broadband Benefit

The FCC has authorized a new program, the Emergency Broadband Benefit, which aims to help households that are having difficulties paying for internet service during the pandemic.  Access to the internet is more vital now more than ever since connectivity is needed for access to things like critical health care services.

The benefit would give a discount of up to $50 per month for broadband service for eligible households and up to $75 per month for those households on Tribal lands.  Additionally, eligible households may be able to receive a one-time discount of up to $100 for the purchase of a laptop, desktop computer, or a tablet from a participating provider – if they contribute more than $10 but less than $50 of the purchase price. (more…)

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CCSLS Kicks Off Spring Fundraiser


This past year has brought unprecedented challenges to seniors in our community. The impacts of the Coronavirus pandemic continue. Homelessness is increasing despite eviction protections. Scams targeting seniors are on the rise. Many seniors have fallen into debt.

Together with your help we will meet the need for legal representation. The dollars you help raise will go towards keeping older adults housed, fighting abuse, and remedying fraud in Contra Costa.

To make a contribution to our Spring Fundraising Campaign, Click HERE and navigate to the “Donate Now” Button to give.

To learn more about CCSLS and our fundraising campaign, please scroll down and click on the play button below to view our video.

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Hoarding: What is it and What You Can Do About it

The time for Spring cleaning is here! For many of us, this means it’s time to do our dusting, mop our floors, and clean out our cabinets. In some quarters however, this is challenging. For people who suffer from hoarding, just the prospect of cleaning up clutter can be an anxiety-filled and distress-inducing endeavor. While many of us may have heard of hoarding or may even know someone who has suffered from hoarding disorder, misconceptions about hoarding are common. We’re here to dispel some of those misconceptions and provide resources for people who suffer from hoarding disorder. (more…)

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