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Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Awareness

June 2018 is Elder Abuse Awareness Month.

Wear purple to support elder abuse awareness!

How big of an issue is elder abuse in California?

Here in California, Adult Protective Services (APS) receives more than 15,000 reports of elder and dependent adult abuse per month, and reports are increasing.

There are an estimated 184,500 cases of reported elder and dependent adult abuse PER YEAR in California. Elder abuse is significantly underreported. For every case known to programs and agencies, 24 are unknown. For financial abuse, only one in 44 cases is known.

Help the California Association of Area Agencies of Aging and partners around the state to raise awareness about elder and dependent adult abuse. Learn about the different types of abuse, how to recognize them and how to report abuse to the appropriate local agencies.

To report abuse, call Adult Protective Services at (877) 839-4347. For long-term care residents, call the Ombudsman at (925) 685-2070.

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The mission of CCSLS is to protect the rights of seniors. By providing legal services, the organization is also able to mediate poverty and improve health outcomes for the population it serves. Lawyers are uniquely qualified to help identify and address legal issues that impede the ability of seniors to remain healthy and independent.