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Senior in suit

May is Older Americans Month. This month gives us the opportunity to recognize the contributions that older Americans make to our community, acknowledge trends in aging, and affirm our commitment to serving and protecting the rights of older adults. As part of this Older Americans Month, May 8 is Senior Rally Day.

Senior Rally Day is an annual event that occurs every May in California. This day is intended to raise awareness about the needs of seniors and seniors’ issues among legislators and the Governor. On this day, participating older adults contact their legislators and generate awareness of the need to fund programs for older adults. The Governor’s office finalizes their annual budget in May. Senior Rally Day serves to highlight issues important to seniors and remind those in government to think of older adults when planning the state budget.

It is especially important for those in our state government to consider the needs of seniors in budgetary planning because California’s population is aging rapidly. The California Department of Aging predicts that the population of Californians age 60 and older will grow more than three times faster than the state’s population as a whole.[1] As the state’s population ages, we must establish a robust support system designed to empower and serve our seniors. Participate in Senior Rally Day to advocate for the needs of seniors in California. Click here to learn more about Senior Rally Day and register to participate.