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Contra Costa Senior Legal Services offers free legal clinics at senior centers around Contra Costa County. Our free legal clinics allow seniors to get in person legal advice without having to travel to our Concord office. To participate in our legal clinics, individuals must be age 60 or over and be a current resident of Contra Costa County. We offer three types of legal clinics.

Consult an Attorney Clinics

Our Consult an Attorney clinics happen monthly at the following locations around Contra Costa County:

  • Antioch Senior Center
  • Brentwood Senior Center
  • Concord Senior Center
  • Pittsburg Senior Center
  • Oakley Senior Center
  • Martinez Senior Center
  • Pleasant Hill Senior Center
  • Alcosta Senior and Community Center (San Ramon)
  • West Contra Costa Family Justice Center (Richmond)

These clinics are by appointment only. Persons interested in signing up for one of these clinics should call the hosting senior center to sign up. Click here for senior center phone numbers and information. These clinics have no income eligibility requirements and serve individuals from all incomes.

Consult an Attorney clinics cannot assist with every type of legal matter. These clinics can assist with the following legal matters only:

  • Housing/landlord tenant issues (includes eviction, rent increases, habitability…)
  • Elder abuse
  • Consumer law/consumer debt issues
  • Small claims (advice on the small claims process; note clinics do not necessarily advise on the substantive area of law)
  • Advance healthcare directives and durable powers of attorney (available only at some clinics)

Persons seeking assistance in other legal matters will be give an appropriate referral to another organization. Clinic here to learn more about the legal matters that Contra Costa Senior Legal Services and our clinics can assist with.

Wills Clinics

Our wills clinics provide participants with free simple wills. These clinics do not help with trusts. Persons wanting a trust will be given a referral. These clinics have income eligibility guidelines. Participants in these clinics must meet the following criteria:

If you are single, monthly income must not exceed $2,500 and if you are married, you monthly income must not exceed $3,500.  Seniors who own their homes may qualify (at the discretion of the attorney), but they may not have other significant assets outside of the home.

We offer wills clinics in the following locations:

  • Civic Park Community Center (Walnut Creek)
  • Martinez Senior Center
  • Antioch Senior Center
  • Concord Senior Center

Our wills clinics in Antioch and Martinez can also provide durable powers of attorney and advance healthcare directives. Wills clinics happen monthly, with the exception of our wills clinic in Walnut Creek, which happens once every three months. Click here for senior center phone numbers and information, including phone numbers to call to make an appointment.

Advance Healthcare Directive Clinics

Get an advance healthcare directive for free at one of our advance healthcare directive clinics. Click  here to learn about advance healthcare directives and why it is important to have one. We offer advance healthcare directive clinics at the following locations:

  • Pleasant Hill Senior Center
  • Concord Senior Center

We also offer advance healthcare directive clinics at other select locations around Contra Costa County. Call Contra Costa Senior Legal Services at (925) 609-7900 to learn more about all our clinics.

If you are an attorney who is interested in volunteering with us at one of our clinics, please call us at (925) 609-7900 to learn more.