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Since this week marks the National Park Service Day, we wanted to bring to your attention the special National Park Senior Pass.

One of the many benefits of being a senior is that you are eligible to purchase a Senior Pass to U.S. National Parks. Officially called The National Parks and Federal Recreational Lands Senior Pass, this pass can allow you to visit more than 2,000 recreation sites around the county.

Who qualifies for the Senior Pass?

Persons who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, who are age 62 or older, may purchase a Senior Pass. To purchase a Pass you, must show photo identification to verify eligibility.

What does the Senior Pass cover?

The Senior Pass covers entrance and day use fees for pass holders and others in their group. The pass can be used at numerous federal parks, including National Parks, National Wildlife Refuges, many National Forests, and other recreation areas managed by the federal government. For entrance to parks that charge a fee per vehicle, the Pass covers all passengers riding in a non-commercial vehicle. To enter areas that charge fees for each person, the Pass covers fees for you and up to three adults travelling with you. The Pass may make you eligible for discounts at some sites for things like camping.

The Senior Pass is a good way to visit California’s many National Parks and federal recreation areas. Local parks where you can use your Pass include Muir Woods and the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park. Other California locations where you may use a Senior Pass include Pinnacles National Park, which is located near the Salinas Valley, and Yosemite National Park.

How much does the Senior Pass cost?

The Senior Pass costs $80 and lasts a lifetime. For those not wishing to purchase a lifetime Pass, you can purchase an annual Senior Pass for $20. The annual pass is valid for one year, starting on the date the Pass is issued. If you purchase four annual passes, you can trade those passes in for a lifetime Pass, so save your expired annual passes. If you don’t wish to buy a Pass, take advantage of fee free days at many National Parks around the county, including many parks in California. In addition, many sites run by the National Park Service do not have an entrance fee.

How can I purchase a Senior Pass?

You may purchase a Senior Pass online or by printing and mailing an application form. You may also purchase a Pass in person at many National Parks or Recreation Areas, including Muir Woods and at multiple locations in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. Click here to learn more about Bay Area locations where you can purchase a Senior Pass:

Click here to learn more about the Senior Pass: