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Going outside either for a walk around the neighborhood or immersing oneself in nature is a great way to not only improve your mood but also benefit your health.

Working on a community garden or walking on a hiking trail are extremely beneficial activities that can make going outside a bit more fun.

Local Community Gardens

Community Gardens are a great way to spend time outside while also helping your community.  Below are a few local community gardens that you can check out.  (Please note there may be some changes in availability due to COVID-19.) 

The Ambrose Community Garden

3105 Willow Pass Rd.

Bay Point, CA 94565

Note: this garden offers garden boxes for rent and hosts activity days like senior harvest days.

The Lafayette Community Garden

3932 Mt. Diablo Blvd.

Lafayette, CA 94549

Note: membership is not required to tour the gardens.  You can also sign up to volunteer.

Crow Canyon Gardens

700 Bollinger Canyon Road

San Ramon, CA 94583

Note: this garden hosts scheduled volunteer days that encompass planting, pruning, and general clean up.


Local Hikes & Nature Walks

Hikes and nature walks are another way to relieve stress and get some Vitamin D.  Below are a few nearby nature walks and hikes that you can explore.

Markham Tree Walk

1202 La Vista Ave.

Concord, CA 94521

Note: this walk encompasses not only trees native to California, but also other trees from Australia, South Africa, South America, and Europe. The trail is relatively flat, but the park still recommends wearing comfortable walking shoes.

The Gardens at Heather Farm

1540 Marchbanks Drive

Walnut Creek, CA 94598

Note: the Gardens have a free public garden and nature center with six acres of nature to explore.  There are paved and gravel pathways and even a waterfall area.

Dinosaur Hill Park

Taylor Boulevard

Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

Note: this short hike provides a chance to overlook Contra Costa County and Mt. Diablo.

Fossil Hill Loop Trail

181 Sutherland Dr.

Walnut Creek, CA 94596

Note: dogs can use this trail, so if you have a furry companion, feel free to bring them along.