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With election day fast approaching, it is important to register to vote. The election will take place on November 3, 2020. California’s deadline to register to vote is October 19, 2020. If you are not registered to vote, you can register online. If you are not registered to vote already, you should register as soon as possible.

How do I know if I am registered to vote?

If you are not sure whether you are registered to vote, you can check your voter registration status. You can also visit Contra Costa County’s My Voting Information. This link will allow you to use your name or address to look up your voter registration status, your polling place, and your voter information guide.

Given the coronavirus pandemic, you might be wondering whether it is safe to vote. The answer to this question is Voting by mail is a safe way for you to cast a ballot. In California, all registered voters will be sent a vote by mail ballot for the November 2020 election. Contra Costa County will send a vote by mail ballot to all registered voters on October 5, 2020. Voting by mail is a good option for seniors because it is easy, safe, and secure. Voting by mail means you do not have to go to a crowded polling station on election day.

How does voting by mail work?

You will receive your ballot in the mail along with a postage-paid return envelope that you should use to return your ballot. You should read the instructions on how to mark your ballot before you mark your ballot. Once you mark your ballot, you should place it in the postage-paid return envelope, sign the envelope, and mail it back. You may also drop your ballot off in any ballot drop box before 8pm on Election Day. Your ballot must be postmarked on or before election day, which is November 3, 2020, and your ballot must be received within 17 days of the election.1

If you wish to learn more about how voting by mail works, the Contra Costa County Elections website has additional information about how voting by mail works.

1 Contra Costa County Elections, “Voting and COVID-19”