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Dear Friends of Contra Costa Senior Legal Services,

Contra Costa Senior Legal Services (CCSLS) shares the intense frustration and sadness many are feeling at the senseless death of another unarmed Black citizen in the custody of the police. We mourn for George Floyd and so many like him who have lost their lives to police misconduct.

Although a large portion of our clients are minorities in need, we know we can do more to put an end to structural racism. In our upcoming 5-year strategic planning process, we pledge to undertake a close examination of meaningful actions we can initiate at the individual and organizational level to promote long overdue systemic change, including changes to promote racial equity within CCSLS.

Despite the grief and exhaustion we are all feeling at the intractability of these problems, we are hopeful that the unity shown by the national response to Mr. Floyd’s death presents a momentous opportunity to transform ourselves into a more inclusive, peaceful, and just society.

Let us commit to do everything we can to ensure we make the most of this window of opportunity to create a society that treats all with respect and dignity.

~ The Contra Costa Senior Legal Services Team