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Organizing your important papers and getting your personal and financial affairs in order is wonderful gift to your loved ones!
Gather up all your important personal, financial, and legal information so you can arrange it in a format that will benefit you now, and your loved ones later. Sit down and create various lists of important information and instructions of how you want certain things handled when you die or if you become incapacitated. Focus on the below checklist areas.

Keep all your organized information and files together in one convenient location, ideally in a fireproof filing cabinet or safe in your home. review and update it every year, and don’t forget to tell your kids the safe location.

If you need help, get a copy ofGet It Together: Organize our Records So Your Family Won’t Have To” at for $17.50 for downloadable version (441pgs), or $20.00 for printed copy (2020 Version– 9th Edition).

References: Savvy Senior-Jim Miller RPEA Newsletter Jan/Feb 2022 & Contra Costa Senior Legal Services Publications e.g., DPOA & AHCD

Personal information link to use Rutgers Digital Assets Inventory Worksheet as a guide.