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Home Ownership Protection for Elders

CCSLS developed the Home Ownership Protection for Elders (“HOPE”) program.  The goal of this initiative is to protect seniors from losing their homes and/or equity due to debt, scams, and elder abuse. This free service consists of a free “homeowner checkup,”  a one-hour appointment to educate homeowners about the following topics:

  • Credit Reports
    Access your credit report to identify debt, errors and signs of identity theft.
  • Eligibility for the Tax Postponement Program
    Postpone payment of property taxes.
  • Homestead Declaration
    Protect your home’s equity from creditors.
  • Safe Estate Planning
    The perils of adding children to deed, Durable Powers of Attorney, Advance Health Care Directives, risks associated with reverse mortgages and more!
  • Short on time, click to view our HOPE program presentation slides.
  • Presione aquí para la presentación del programa HOPE en Español.
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