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National Consumer Protection Week Kicks off March 1st – 7th

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is kicking off one of the agency’s biggest events: National Consumer Protection Week.  There are resources and webinars you can access online this week.  In particular, AARP is hosting a 15-minute “Slam The Scam” webinar for free on March 5.  There will also be a Twitter Chat and a Facebook Live to talk about Social Security scams.

Sign Up for Scam Alerts

This week is also a great opportunity to sign up for free email alerts from the FTC.  On the FTC’s website, you can read about all of the newest scams so you are up to date.

Share Your Knowledge

What’s the best way to stop scammers? Share your knowledge with others.  Seniors are much less likely to fall for scams if they have already heard about them.

Know Someone Who Was Scammed? Report to the FTC

Many seniors who are scammed are embarrassed and do not report it. But, reporting is the best way to help the government agencies like the FTC and FBI to stop scammers.  Otherwise, they get away with it.  Report to the FTC and to the FBI’s Internet Crime Complaint Center for internet crimes.  You can also report to your local police.